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CHoICE is a wholly owned subsidiary company of South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, and is predominantly made up of a team of experienced former City Hospitals Sunderland employees. The company is based at Sunderland Royal Hospital in the North East of England, whose main focus is to provide a full range of Facilities, Procurement and Outpatient Pharmacy services to City Hospitals Sunderland and other organisations who have the desire to achieve a consistent range of quality services.

Due to the significant experience and knowledge within CHoICE, which is based on a desire and commitment to provide the highest level support services to the care industry, we are well placed to offer flexible and innovative ways to deliver services to any type of organisation.


To dedicate all of our resources to providing quality services and improving patient experience with "Commitment, Care and Compassion". Constantly working in a true open and transparent partnership with all of our customers, retaining a high degree of flexibility to adjust our services in line with the ever changing requirements of our partners.

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