Hard FM

Choice Facilities Services

The Hard FM service is split into the following sub-departments:

  • Building Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Project Management and Design
  • Information Services
  • Clinical Engineering
  • Renal Services
  • Medical Equipment Library


Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance is responsible for providing a professional advisory service and for carrying out day to day repairs and planned preventative work programmes with general building maintenance, day to day repairs and planned work programmes for the following areas of work to all Sunderland Royal Hospital properties.


Engineering Services is divided into the following areas:

  • Estates Helpdesk (Bureau) - The Bureau is the emergency contact point for all urgent faults, problems and breakdowns.  All routine repairs should be reported via the online Estates Bureau service.
  • Delivery of Minor New Works – Requests for any minor new works i.e. shelving, notice boards, additional power points, request for materials etc. are to be forwarded by e-mail to stsft.MinorNewWorks@nhs.net


Project Management & Design

The Project Management and Design Team are responsible for Capital Programme management, feasibility studies for any alteration works required and ensuring these works and projects conform to the latest standards within healthcare and associated premises and Estates Records of the Trust.

Information Services

The information services team are responsible for the delivery of a professional advisory service with regard to carrying out day to day repairs and planned preventative work programmes in relation to information systems and Asset Management covering Sunderland Royal Hospital.

Clinical Engineering Department

The Clinical Engineering team are responsible for the management and maintenance of all medical devices throughout Sunderland Royal Hospital and associated outreach clinics.

Renal Department (Electronics)

The Renal Engineering department is responsible for the Technical Support, maintenance and management of all Renal Dialysis machines associated with Sunderland Royal  Hospital, University Hospital of North Durham, the Satellite Unit at Washington Primary Care Centre and associated home patients.

The Medical Equipment Library (MEL)

The Medical Equipment Library (MEL) provides a delivery and collection service for a range of Medical devices across the Sunderland Royal Hospital site. . An emergency service can be provided to other areas on the condition that devices are available. The devises once received are cleaned and given a functional check before being issued back to the departments for use. The MEL (& EBME) also offers key training for ventilators, infusion pumps & syringe drivers. Level 1 medical device safety training is currently delivered to the new Healthcare Assistants and 1st year nursing students.